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As a technology enthusiast for practically my whole life, I believe that my experience in learning to solve problems stems from a logical, problem-solving process I have learned in transferring my thoughts and ideas into models of thought, and ultimately into (mostly) working code. For me, I believe that programming has made me a better problem solver because it makes me a more thoughtful model-builder, and the computers and coding part just gives me less excuse to fudge things (though still providing ample opportunity, unfortunately).

With the growing interest in helping kids to code, and the exploding opportunities to learn the mechanics of coding at almost any age, I want to use my experience as a former child who coded and turned into a professional developer, and my ongoing experience as a technical educator to kids, to help others — children, parents, and educators — make sense and order of what’s out there. That’s my thing, and I want to make this blog/site a place to share experiences and cultivated insights to make the most of the wonderful opportunities.