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Fishing for an analogy to learning

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I’m trying to get my head around framing important principles involved in teaching and education/learning, specifically in technology and computational fluency at the K-12 level. To frame such a big subject, I came up with the following analogy:

Imagine that we’re standing in the middle of a rapidly flowing stream in which different types and sizes of fish are swimming around us. Our job is to figure out which type(s) of fish we want to catch, and then do it.

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The ultimate goal: ‘computational fluency’

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The term ‘computational thinking‘ is becoming more and more popular in K-12 education to describe a fundamental problem-solving skillset based on computer science techniques. I have been pondering over where the application of computational thinking takes us cognitively, beyond mechanical problem-solving, and I believe there is a clear analogy to language, music, and our other human cognitive faculties as a form of individual expression. I like the term computational fluency to describe such a cognitive ability, from the world of mathematics (Russell, 2000). Continue reading