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5-7 year olds scratch workshop

Hour of Code workshop for 5-7 year olds at Santore Library

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For the past several months, I’ve been working with my friend Stephen Garland on exploring initiatives around teaching children using software development principles and tools. Currently, we’re getting a lay-of-the-land by cultivating content as we develop opportunities and directions in which to move forward. Once we have a structure for organizing these materials, we’ll be sharing them here as well as possibly through other venues.

We are like-minded in characterizing our effort as aiming to teach/convey computer literacy and computational thinking, as opposed to a more mechanical pursuit of programming/coding. At its core, I believe it is about problem solving through effective and efficient model building. From a practical perspective, I want to share some of my initial efforts coming up, such as developing and leading two middle-school courses/clubs: one, an introduction to Lego Robotics, and two, an introduction to 3D game programming in JavaScript. We’ve also sketched out a few workshops we plan to lead in the coming months.

Today, in honor of Computer Science Week, and Hour of Code, Steve led a workshop at the Santore Library in Philadelphia for a group of about 16-18 kids, aimed at ages 5-8, and I helped where I could. Here is a link to an article that Tony Abraham of Philly wrote about it. Continue reading