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3D Game Programming in JavaScript Club/Class

Welcome to the page I created for our class on 3D Game Programming in JavaScript.

Book: 3D Game Programming for Kids, by Chris Strom, http://www.gamingjs.com

Code editor and player: http://www.gamingjs.com/ice

You need to be connected to the Internet the first time to download the editor. After that, you don’t need to be connected to the Internet. All changes you make are only stored on the computer you’re working on — if you want to move your work to another computer, you can copy the contents of the editor window and put it into a Google Doc that you make.

During the first class, I will show you how to create and save your work in different places so you can see your progress over time, or just explore a bit with different functions/drawings.

Important: if the editor freezes, you can put it into “edit only” mode by going to http://www.gamingjs.com/ice/?e, then correcting the error (or pasting something new in there). When you are done, you can remove the “?e” and go back to http://www.gamingjs.com/ice.

Here is an interesting page that uses the same 3D library, though I’m still figuring out the best way to use it: http://threejsplaygnd.brangerbriz.net/

Here are some great pages with examples and code for THREE js:


You can get all the code from the book at this site: https://pragprog.com/titles/csjava/source_code

(Windows: “download-csjava-code.zip”, Mac/Linux: “download-csjava-code.tgz”)

Here is a list of pages with some code snippets useful for each chapter (remember, you can get the complete code from here):


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